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Press & Rewards

LProducts imagined and conceived by the SARL CHOLLET CONCEPT are regularly subsidized on trade shows and were the object of numerous press articles.


Innov' Space distinguishes products, services or equipments presented for the first time by an exhibitor on the STRANGE lounge (international lounge of the breeding in Rennes).


The prize-winner Innov' Space is classified in three categories :

  • 1 for the innovative adaptations of products or existing services
  • 2 for the creations of new products, equipments or services
  • 3 for a Special Mention of the jury


Rewards obtained by the products of the SARL CHOLLET CONCEPT

2006 : rewarded product : the rearing house CHOLLET concept
2007 : rewarded product : the feeding dish-shelter TREMIEBOX  
2008 : rewarded product : standard DEPLIBOX Models DUET  


Press review

Nov. 2006 : "A hut for game invented by two breeders" - to Make a success of Poultry farming N 121  - Read the article
Sept. 2006 :

"Rearing house LE BIHAN" - to Make a success of Poultry farming N 119 - Read the article

Oct. 2006 :

 " The brothers LE BIHAN innovate even this year " - Game and Go hunting N 220 - Read the article

"Special Mention of the jury for two equipments " - Make a success of poultry farming N 120 - Read the article

Sept. 2007 :

"Eleven poultry innovations outdon by the jury" - Make a success of poultry farming n°129 - Read the article

"The key innovations of the 21th Space" - Poultry Sectors N 701 - Read the article

Oct. 2007 : "Innov' Space" - Game and Hunting N 231 - Read the article
Mars 2008 :  "A feeding dish-shelter protects the food" - the French Hunter
Read the article

  Avril 2009 :   "our companies fight" - Le Petit Solognot n° 456

                      Read the article


Remise des récompenses à la SARL Chollet Concept par Dominique BUSSERAUD ministre de l'agricultureIn 2006, with Dominique BUSSERAUD Minister for Agriculture

Visite du Président Nicolas Sarkozy sur le stand de la SARL Chollet Concept, SPACE 2007
Visit of the stand in 2007 by President Nicolas Sarkozy

Salon SPACE 2006, le bâtiment d'élevage EASY-LOW primé (3 étoiles)
Photo of group
( 2006 )

Le stand de la SARL Chollet Concept au salon SPACE 2008
The stand of the SARL CHOLLET CONCEPT in SPACE on 2008

Remise des récompenses à la SARL Chollet Concept, salon SPACE 2008
Discount of trophies ( 2008 )

En 2007 avec Michel BARNIER Ministre de l'agriculture (SPACE 2007)
In 2007 with Michel Barnier Ministre of the agriculture