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DepliBox Transport






Material: PEHD stemming from the recycling and recyclable, T ° of use 50 ° + 80 °, unbreakable, rot-proof and anti bactériens

Couleur basic black or the others colour according to quantity. Realization in your dimensions (custom-made product)



Box very solid Game and Poultry PEHD with tip-up trapdoors ext.
Small model: 660x310x185 2.90 kg ref: CCD01
Big model: 670x400x215 4.10 kg ref: CCD02


Box multi-species
570x390x270 int. ref: CCD03
Opening in choices: above or quoted



Box Pigeons

Removable partitions
Small template 6 compartments: 740x300x230 4.9kg kg
ref: CCD04

Big template 5 compartments: 870x350x230 5.5 kg
ref: CCD05



Box Chickens 2 compartments
Tip-up and removable trapdoor 750X500X300 6.5 kg ref: CCD06


Box 1 big rabbit or 2 youngs + duck-boards
600x300x300 5.5 kg
ref: CCD07


Box 2 turkeys with sliding
trapdoor650x540x460 7.5 k
ref: CCD08


Box pig turkey 3 compartments
660x310x195 4 kg
ref: CCD09


Cage for the breeding under hen
1250x550x450 15 kg
ref: CCC02


Box pheasants worshipped 5 garages
685x300x170 2.8 kg
ref: CCD10


Cage tunnel
Put end to end, allows the resumption of birds effortlessly
1000x600x360 12.8 kg ref: CCC03


Knockdown hopper
25 L 6 kg ref: CCT01
50 L 11kg ref: CCT02
150 L ref: CCT03



Post of agrainage ( food+water )
Hopper 10 L +eau 4.7 kg ref: CCP01
Hopper 15 L only 4.7 kg ref: CCP02



Breeding ground with chicane for ducks
Settles down by means of a picket above the water, ventilated
Knockdown 3 kg ref: CCN01




Feeding dish-shelter
Feeding dish allowing at the same time to shelter animals. Option pipette possible inside