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Poultry house




The report on poultry house            


The report is the following one: why to install chicks of 1 measuring day some cm in a rearing house of several meters in height ? In comparison, a human being of 1.75m would live in a house of 70 m. The building CHOLLET concept was adapted with regard to the size and to the behavior of the chicks due to its shape, its volume and its feature.




Description of our poultry house


The objective was at first to reduce the height under ceiling by respecting the height of safety minimum between the heater and the litter. And secondly, to find solutions so that the breeder can feed from the outside, water, warm and observe his chicks.



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Solutions of our poultry  house


The module has the shape of an octagon what avoids right angles source, of breathlessness mainly in the breeding of the game (pheasants, partridge) and of the guinea fowl.
In every angle is incorporated into the structure a nourrisseur of 25 kg each allowing in to fill them from the outside.





A network of the water supply studied with a reserve and a circuit allowing the breeder always from the outside to watch his smooth running.





The heater in the gas works with the air resulting from the outside so avoiding impoverishing in oxygen the inside of the module.




                                               Sarl CHOLLET Concept rue des bruyères 41 300 SOUESMES                    


Various systems of aerations proposed on our poultry house


- Railings in every angles in low position
- Trappes under headbands
- Opening of quite " the doors " of 2cm in 60 cms.
- A simple crowbar collects waste allows to take out the corpses of the first days.
- A thermometer in aimed laser takes the temperature in any place of the module.







                                                 Sarl CHOLLET Concept rue des bruyères 41 300 SOUESMES



Advantage of our poultry house


Energy savings:

• Reduction of the volume to be warmed allows her to be energy-efficient
• Reduction of the duration of heating (valuation of the physical heat of the animal)

Reduction of the risks of contamination: the breeder does not penetrate any more into the rearing house.

Comfort of animals:

• Decrease the sanitary problems, the stress for birds.
• The oxygen resulting from the outside for the functioning of the radiant avoids using the oxygen intended for the chicks.
• Delete the risks of poisoning in the carbon monoxide
• A panel sandwich 40 mm in thickness allows a heat insulation against the cold but also against the strong hot season.

Comfort of the breeder:

• Assembly and fast dismantling. Easy to move
• Avoid the pédiluve in the entrance of the rearing house.
• We remove the litter in situation of outside, avoid the work in the atmospheres confined (heat, gas, smell, dusts)
• Observe its chicks without disturbing them (Trapdoor of visit)
• Avoid the temperature variations (passage of the warmth in the cold)
• Planned for the outside but also to realize "starting up" inside a barn or inside a badly isolated shed.





The innovative character of our houses of poultry breeding on the fact that the breeder does not bring in inside pushes aside at first all the traditional methods of breeding.
It is not still hollowing out to report it the concept without seeing it really.

Sarl CHOLLET Concept rue des bruyères 41 300 SOUESMEs





- Rearing houses are constituted by a central armature in galvanized steel round or square tube.






- The various walls are in panels sandwich 40 mm in thickness provided with a galvanized steel profile
- Surfaces available begin in 11m ² then from a module of 19m ² its modularity allows to increase thanks to kits its surface by slice of 10m ² approximately thus 30m ²; 40m ²; 50m ²; 60m²…..
- The maximal height of rearing houses is of 1.35m





                                                           Poultry rearing house of 50 m ²


                                            Sarl CHOLLET Concept rue des bruyères 41 300 SOUESMES





               Poultry rearing house of 30 m ²                         Poultry rearing house of 20 m ²                                                                                                                                

                                                                                               in situation of inside     



Assembly and Dismantling of our houses of poultry breeding


Approximately 30 mn, a person only can go up or defuse a poultry rearing house of 11 m ².







                                                            Sarl CHOLLET Concept rue des bruyères 41 300 SOUESMES